Slow proofing

Slow proofing
Slow proofing

Slow proofing

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Equipment for slow proofing from the Dutch manufacturer KOMA.


  • Temperature range: -20 °C / +40 °C.
  • Designed for: 3+ trolleys. 
  • Capacity: > 300 kg/h. 


The KOMA CDS is the world’s first retarder proofer to control humidity levels by using an active interior water evaporation technique. Because of the intelligent computer system, proofing has never been easier. There is no limitation to the number of trolleys. Ideal for medium to large batches of dough.

Slow proofing

Perfect timing of baking, the best quality, and no more production nightshifts are some factors that can be achieved by implementing slow proofing in your production process.

Slow proofing brings many benefits

  • Optimize your baking cycle by a correct adjustment of proofing. This way the product is fully proofed at the desired baking time.
  • Improving product quality and taste. An essential part of meeting high expectations of the end consumer.
  • Lower personell costs, by less production in the nighttime.
  • Create a consistent repeatable process, by controlling the air circulation, relative humidity, and temperature.