Lines from the German manufacturer WERNER & PFLEIDERER KEMPER.

The WP Kemper EVOLUTION DONUT & BERLINER LINE is perfectly aligned for the production of ring and ball donuts. The decisive performance features of systems are their high functional reliability, their excellent profitability and the consistently high quality of all products they make. Systems work with the KEMPER DOUGH BALL SYSTEM whose central component is our patented donut stamp.

In LARGO S is combine proven Reimelt technology and the latest WP Kemper technology for exceptional baking results on a small footprint. Donuts and ball donuts are fried very gently and reliably with the fully automatic fryer. The robust design makes the LARGO S a long-lasting partner.

The LARGO fryer is developed to make it a powerful and reliable partner for your deep-fried pastry production. The sensitive Berliners and donuts are treated particularly gently and the flexibility of the LARGO makes it possible to process different product sizes and product types. The LARGO fryer always fits your individual product and production requirements and is particularly energy-efficient and very easy to clean.

If you want to produce artisan and classic rolls, you had to do so on two different machines. From now on, you can produce both types of products on just one line, because with the PANE KOMBI a classic roll line is fed by a dough strip line. For you, this unique combination means gentle production of all products, softer doughs than with classic roll lines and a particularly open crumb structure.

Soft, pre-proofed doughs stand for pure bread enjoyment, as they ensure natural flavors and great freshness. The PANE PUR, a dough strip line for artisan rolls, small breads and wheat soft dough breads, gives these doughs a special treatment - to maintain an open crumb structure.

For processing doughs with long resting times and high dough absorption, we have developed the PANE. Artisan, square rolls can be produced as well as round rolls, baguette, not to mention wheat soft dough breads and other special rolls. The modular design of the PANE enables to adjust the line to market changes.

The knowledge of the requirements of customers and technical expertise are the basis for our modular roll line EVOLUTION. Focus is on the exact processing of products as well as on the efficient response to seasonal and long-term market changes. EVOLUTION is a modular line concept for today and for every future - extremely flexible, powerful and at the same time energy-optimized.

The COMPACT BREAD LINE produces square, round and longmoulded breads in the smallest space. The MPERATOR CT II ensures exactly and gently divided dough pieces within the bread line, while the SUPERBA KOMPAKT ensures perfect moulding results.